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For over 135 years, Wella has been delivering professional hair color innovations that enable hairdressers’ creativity.

Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect hair color, which is a pure, balanced product that creates a natural depth and shine throughout your strands.

The scientists at Wella Professionals have introduced KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+, a technology and advanced color innovation designed to minimize the formation of free radicals during the color process by deactivating impurities, like metals, present in hair and reducing risk of developing an allergy to hair color.

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Whittemore House

Whittemore House Hair Paint™ is a natural lightening powder with technology never before used in hair care. Using Intelligent Crystals, Whittemore House Hair Paint™ lightens the hair while protecting, strengthening and conditioning the hair.

The Intelligent Crystals are protective molecules found only in expensive anti-aging skincare technology, and for the first time are applied to this hair care formula in powdered form. These molecules encapsulate each strand of hair, protecting it during the coloring process, and strengthening it at the cellular level. Whittemore House Hair Paint™ formula is comprised of 100% naturally derived ingredients, 70% of it being clay. 

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Davines Group was founded by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy in 1983 as a high-end haircare research lab. After a decade of honing their expertise and formulas, the Davines brand was created. Since the start, they have focused on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered for effectiveness and express our distinctive style and spirit. As a B-Corp company, they make everything with special attention to and respect for our environment. Davines products are still made in Parma today with a combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients and scientific rigor.