Introducing Davines products

Us hairdressers love our products. We like to try out all of the things that beauty companies have to offer. We used to carry 3 hair product lines, because we love all the things, but we are a salon, not Sephora, and that is ok! So, after much deliberation, we decided to choose one. One product line to offer and use that we can really stand behind and one stands behind us as a small business.

Say hello to Davines!

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For those of you who have never heard of Davines, they are a family-owned international haircare brand started in Italy nearly 2 decades ago. They believe in sustainable beauty and are one of the most Earth-friendly brands on the market! 🌎 You can read more about their company here>

We love that they use less plastic, the plastic they use is food grade and is safely reusable, they source ingredients from slow-food, family owned farms and it is high performing! It is also only available in salons, which supports our business.

We are loving our less-is-more product offerings, and hope you will too.

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We love that the product names describe what the product does, nothing gimmicky.

Some of our current favorites from Davines:

Rachel loves to use Momo Hair Potion to add moisture and magic to all types of hair. She also loves Love Curl Primer and Curl Controller for all of her curly clients. It adds definition and controls frizz without crunch.

Catilin likes to cocktail the Cream Gel with the Relaxing Fluid for a smooth and bouncy blowdry.

Kaeli’s fave is the Salt Spray and Dry Texturizing Spray for her textured updos.

Amber uses Oi All In One Milk to detangle, add moisture and to prep curls and blowdrys.

Justine’s loves Oi Shampoo and Conditioner because it works well on all hair types and incredible.

Ask about which Davines products is perfect you during your next visit. See you soon!

xo- Rachel