7 Hair Myths DEBUNKED

MYTH 1. If you trim your hair regularly it will grow faster.

Frequent trims are important for the health of long hair, they prevent and get rid of split ends. These split ends can cause breakage, which can make it appear that your hair is not growing. Your hair grows from your scalp, not the ends, so trimming makes no difference in how fast or slow it grows.

MYTH 2. Heat/Coloring = Damage

While heat and coloring can cause damage when used incorrectly, heat can also be utilized in opening the cuticle to allow moisture masks and enriching treatments to get inside the hair shaft easier. Technology in hair color, as well as heat-styling protective products, has come a long way. Often hair color/products can contain nourishing elements which can help maintain hair health,  of course that is in conjunction with using the correct temperature for your texture and hair type.  When it comes to color, you can always opt for less permanent, and ammonia-free colors if your concern is excessively dry or damaged hair from chemical processes.

MYTH 3. Washing your hair everyday is necessary especially if you work out a lot.

There is lots of talk about the frequency in which you should wash your hair. The rule of thumb I use is, if you hair looks oily, wash it. Its fine. If you don't want to, that's fine too, there are literally hundreds of dry shampoos out there just for that purpose. If you just had a tough workout and are sweaty and you want to wash it to feel fresh, by all means go for it. If you don't have time, or don't want to, just put a blowdryer to your sweaty head and voila! you have just made your own product. The salt in your sweat will act like a volumizer.

MYTH 4. You  should switch up shampoos occasionally so your hair doesn't get used to just one. 

The only reason you would need to switch up shampoos is if you are using a cheap drug store one that is full of heavy silicones which are building up on your hair and weighing it down. Your hair doesn't get immune or 'used to' any shampoo. Shampoo will always clean your hair. If you feel like the shampoo you have been using is no longer working, it's most likely your hair has changed and needs something different, like more/less moisture or something heavier/lighter. 

MYTH 5. Baldness comes from your Mother's side of the family.

Give Mom a break on this one. Both sides of your genetic makeup contribute to hair loss. So do factors like, gender, age, health and hormones.

MYTH 6. Split ends can be repaired.

Sorry, but split ends signify damage to the cuticle and cannot be repaired. The only solution to get rid of split ends is a trim. You can however prevent split ends my conditioning, moisturizing and being more gentle when styling by turning down the heat and using a natural bristle brush.

MTYH 7. You shouldn't condition fine hair.

This one really drives us nuts. All hair should be conditioned to add moisture back into the hair. This will keep slit ends at bay and add shine. Just be sure to use a conditioner that is right for your hair type and styling needs. We love Magnificent Volume conditioner by Oribe. It is as light a feather and also aids in volume and fly aways that fine hair tend to get


Rachel Radford